Hello, I Love You (Jim Morrison)

10 Apr

The Doors – Hello I Love You

Online source: Hello, I Love You (Jim Morrison) sheet music

The Doors – Hello I Love You (by STUDIO 99)

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What is your favorite song by The Doors? I can’t get enough of Jim Morrison! What is your favorite song by The Doors?

Online source: Hello, I Love You (Jim Morrison) sheet music

People are strange when you’re a stranger Faces look ugly when you’re alone Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted Streets are uneven when you’re down
The EndHello, I Love YouRoadhouse BluesSoul KitchenPeople Are Strange
L.A. WomanYou can tell Jim was in a trance when he recorded the vocals for LA woman.youtube.com/watch?v=41ohFqkhASU

“The Soft Parade””Wishful Sinful”youtube.com/watch?v=4oYuKoBLkjYyoutube.com/watch?v=lphU5RQUN6k

Can you recommend some songs by The Doors? I’ve just recently discovered The Doors, and I quite like them now, but my parents never really listened to them so I can’t look through their music collection.So far I have:L.A. WomanThe End (album version)Five To OneLight My FirePeople Are StrangeMoonlight DriveTouch MeAny other suggestions?Thanks!BQ: Who is hotter, Jim Morrison or Michael Hutchence?
The EndWaiting For The SunThe Unknown SoldierChystal ShipRoadhouse BluesBreak On Through (To The Other Side)Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)Spanish CaravanRiders On The StormLove Me Two TimesWhen The Music’s OverHello, I Love YouBack Door Man

Light my fireBreak on throughRoadhouse bluesStrange DaysThe Crystal ShipAlabama SongThe Unknown SoldierWintertime LoveSpanish CaravanYes, the river knowsTell all the peopleShaman’s BluesEasy RideRunnin BlueWaiting for the sunQueen of the HighwayLove her madlyThe changelingRiders on the stormI’m Horny, I’m stonedIn the eye of the sunGood rockinCelebration of the lizard

Hi there.welcome to The Doors kingdom. I’m a guy, so the question about who’s hotter isn’t for me, it is for the ladies to judge, but I recon that Jim is one of the most handsome, charismatic guys in Rock N Roll history. Here are 10 of their greatest, unmentioned in your list songs:~~ “Riders On the Storm” youtube.com/watch?v=DKbPUzhWeeI~~ “Waiting For the Sun” youtube.com/watch?v=sd-VbT1t3bQ~~ “End of the Night” youtube.com/watch?v=iERil2Tz1Mg~~ “Love Me Two Times” youtube.com/watch?v=RbMS0BzOMV0~~ “The Crystal Ship” youtube.com/watch?v=jq9IhOhQt40~~ “Spanish Caravan” youtube.com/watch?v=pKmkOIlHbok~~ “The Unknown Soldier” youtube.com/watch?v=U_BnBmdGjJo~~ “Break On Through” youtube.com/watch?v=cJQwnAhXnBk~~ “Soul Kitchen” youtube.com/watch?v=58ceB8U9N3w~~ “My Eyes Have Seen You” youtube.com/watch?v=G6s6IYmo24I——————————————————————————————————————————————Other great ones:”Backdoor Man” (cover)”Roadhouse Blues””The Spy””Yes, the River Knows” “Take it as it Comes””Shaman Blues””The Changeling””Peace Frog””La’merica””My Wild Love””I Can’t See Your Face””Hello , I Love You””Alabama Song”

Do you know anything about Jim Morrison? I’m reading a book on Jim Morrison and i’d like to learn more about his music with The Doors.I am a fan yes but i’d like to know about there albums and songs. Just out of curiosity thanks!
you may want to watch some film on him like the doors (a ’91 movie) or this new one called when your strange. ive seen neither movies, but they will have some facts. also wikipedia has stuff on him. its not always true though so look for citations. also thedoors.com/ is their website, but it doesnt have much. try and read his poetry. i do know he wrote poetry and poetry books so you can probably buy it. also, some people say he faked his death. and i’ve heard unlike what most think, he wasn’t really addicted to drugs, he only exerienced them little. also search the doors on wikipedia. listen to lyrics of the doors songs and it has a little.. personality/experiences of him. the drummer for the doors co-founded the doors with morrison. his full name was james douglas morrison. he was also a scriptwriter or something like that. and around the time he died, he was starting a more single career of poetry. in the description you say you’d like to know about there albums and songs. the lyrics of their songs, like i said earlier reflect his pesonality, opinions, and experiences. some may not make sence, but they make sence to him. wikipedia helps, just check for citations.

So are you looking for advice about their music produced? I will give you a simple run through of all the albums so you can decide which one you think you would enjoy the most. The Doors- This is the band’s debut album and shows a wide variety of songs and styles. Many believe that this is one of the band’s best albums. It is very fresh and every song on it sounds new and unique. This album has big hits such as Light My Fire, Break on Through, and The End. It also has some wonderful songs such as Take it as it Comes, Alabama Song, and Crystal Ship..Strange Days- This is their second album, and as the name suggests, has an eerie unique sound. Strange Days has some really good songs on it. There are the greatest hit ones, When the Music’s Over, Love Me Two Times, People are Strange, and Strange Days. Aside from the hits there are some other great songs such as Moonlight Drive, My Eye’s Have Seen You, and Horse Latitudes. Those are just a few of the other good ones, because this is the type of album that you put on, and don’t ever skip to the next song, because they are all so good. (this was my first real album by the way)waiting for the Sun- People have criticized this album for having the third album syndrome, having The Doors completely change to a more pop feel because they ran out of songs. It was also during the height of Drinking Jim’s days. Most fans say that this is the worst, but I disagree, thinking that although it is a different part of The Doors it is still good. The well known songs from this are Hello I Love You (number one single), Five to one,The unknown Soldier, and Spanish Caravan . There are some gems on this too. There is my favorite song, Not To Touch The Earth (very trippy), Summer’s Almost Gone, My wild Love, and Love Street.The Soft Parade- The best way to describe this album is insane 🙂 Every song has some twist to it, some type of vocal or instrument that is way different. The popular songs are Touch Me, and Wild Child. The crowning glory of the album is The Soft Parade, a long song that uses various studio techniques and instruments for a truly unique song, Jim’s lyrics are also incredible. The other good songs are Wishful Sinful, and Tell All the People. I love this album, but most common, or casual Doors Fans say it is over instrumentalized (sorry I can’t spell) with the strings and horns and all of that. In a way, I agree it is a bit much, and we are missing part of our Doors, but it is still great in it’s own way.Morrison Hotel- This is my absolute favorite Door’s album. Jim also said in interviews that it was also his favorite. This has more of a blues feel , and besides Waiting for the Sun is the only album with no song over 7 minutes. This was a back to basics for The Doors. After all the struggles with Waiting, and Parade this was their chance to become The Doors like they were in the early years, and have a fresh start. I love every song on Morrison Hotel, but I will try to only name a few. Roadhouse Blues is the single for the album. Waiting for the Sun (the song), and peace Frog are also well known. There is also Queen of the Highway (a favorite) Blue Sunday, Maggie M’Gill, You Make Me Real, and many more. This album is great if you like a blues mixed with rock type sound.LA Woman- People usually agree that this was the best album from The Doors. It is along the lines of their first album in popularity and prestige. As you probably know, this was their last album together with Jim. The sound is hard to describe, it is a sort of unique classic mixed with a blues and jazz. The hits are Riders on the Storm, LA Woman, and Love Her Madly. There are some great other songs too like Hyacinth House (probably my second favorite song), The Changeling, Crawling king Snake, and Been Down so Long. Again this is the type of album that you don’t skip any songs because they are all so good.I’m hoping this is the type of thing that you wanted to see, sorry if not 🙂


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