Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman

4 Mar

“Hard Headed Woman” Yusuf/Cat Stevens

“Hard Headed Woman” is from Tea for the Tillerman, one of Yusuf/Cat Stevens’ best albums, released in1970 on the A&M record label in the United States, and the Island record label in the United Kingdom. I dedicate this to Chris, wherever she may be.

Digital sheet music source: Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman

Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman (live)

one of the best. Cat Stevens live on his Earth Tour 1976 performing Hard Headed Woman

What am I like according to my birth chart? Sun: LibraAriesMoon(that’s the order it was according to my birth chart)Ok fine.18th october, 1994Gorgan, iran

Digital sheet music source: Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman

SunLibraYou are oh-so-elegant and tasteful to the point of incurring nausea from loved ones. You are also bipolar as hell and can’t make a decision on your own. You usually consult your therapist or TV Guide. Libras are trendy and malleable folks. They are funny because they will glom onto something they hated before if it suddenly becomes fashionable. Velour is not entirely lost upon these people. Libras eat a lot of ethnic food from cultures they don’t understand. They single-handedly started the cappucino movement. Ask them why, and they will claim something unintelligible about solidarity. You constantly worry about what other people think. If you really paid any attention, maybe people would like you more. Libras use quotes from David Mamet plays to describe philosophical concepts. Then they have those concepts engraved upon nice little wallet cards. The Libran interest in current events ends with the J. Crew catalog. They don’t eat fast food or have any clue where their trash goes. They have other people tie their expensive shoes. Only two Libras have ever been found in thrift stores. All of their bell-bottoms were color-coordinated to match their lamé turtlenecks. Libras are always on the cutting edge of what the rest of us think is absolute pretentious bulls**t. They have huge collections of CDs they’ve never even listened to. Libras give to designer charities. Hollywood is full of Libras. You are the reason butterfly hairpins and parachute pants have made a comeback. Next on the list is those big jam shorts. You probably never threw out your old pair. Hang on to your Winger t-shirt too. Get a Libra as drunk as possible and he or she will still be able to explain the difference between café latté and café au lait. This is peculiar as the rest of us know that there is no difference at all.MoonAriesAries have ramlike eyebrows and smug expressions. They should not be quite so smug because they are constantly clunking themselves in the skull. Cat Stevens’ “Hard Headed Woman” was probably an Aries. Aries rarely say one thing and do another. They usually do the wrong thing and don’t discuss it. Never point this out to an Aries unless you want your kidneys pulled out through your sinuses. Aries folks love Pisceans because Pisces people make them feel well-grounded. Aries love to laugh at the funny moon-people who suck their thumbs at age 35. Aries use guns to describe philosophical concepts. Whether you live in a palatial estate or a cardboard tepee, you will insist until death that it is exactly what you always wanted. Most Aries were concrete parking bumpers in at least two of their past lives. Aries are never born. They skip gaily from their mothers’ wombs. This may even involve rollerblades. The Aries makes life decisions as a toddler. Aries marry several times for funnies but never divorce. Their spouses have many freak accidents resulting in death or crippling injury. Being infallible, God is probably an Aries. This would make Satan an Aquarius. Aries always hold management positions. If one is assigned to clean toilets, he will form a one-man union. Then he will go and picket in the parking lot. All of you think you’re Lech Walesa. People run away when an Aries comes around. They know that if they do not, the Aries will set them on fire. Aries hate listening to Scorpios talk because they take pride in being even more self-centered. In fact, much to the Scorpios’ dismay, you are the biggest pricks in the zodiac. Your rams’ horns are in everyone else’s asses.

Cat Stevens fans, what song contains Fair Weather Friends? What Cat Stevens song contains in the lyrics “Fair weather friends”
Am i the only one who thinks that Cat Stevens was a brilliant songwriter? The WindWild World MoonshadowPeace TrainHard Headed WomanIf You Want To Sing Out, Sing OutWhere Do The Children PlayFather And SonThe First Cut Is the Deepest Absolutely brilliant, anyone agrees?
when he was “cat” he was one of my favorite singers. still is for that matter. wild world, peace train and moon shadow are three of my favorite songs.

Well, no, you can’t be the only one who thinks he’s brilliant , since he was a small scale star.Yes, the music, though somewhat soppy, is great.

What is your favorite Cat Stevens / Yusif Islam song? Mine would be Days of the old school yard or morning has broken
Ive loved Cat Stevens from a very early age as his songs have such a sentimental significance as he brings good family memories : ) My favorites would have to be( in no particular order):1. Father and son2. Where do the children play?3. Wild world 4. The first cut is the deepest5. Oh very young6. Hard headed woman7. Another saturday night8. Maybe your right9. Remember The Days (old school yard)10. Moonshadow11. Mathew and son (Love the intro of that song)12. Changes13. Bitter blue14. Morning has broken15. Just another night16. Peace train17. Sad lisa18. How can i tell you19. Lady D’Arbanville20. Don’t be shy

What songs will you play or did you play on your wedding day?
Amazed by you.LonestarMy Best Friend. Tim McGrawI need you .LeeAnn RhymesI Swear.Brian McKnightFrom this Moment On .Shania TwainI don’t want to Miss a Thing.Mark ChestnutI Hope You Dance.LeeAnn WomackShameless.Garth Brooks I can’t remember the rest.. That was 5 yrs ago. I have another CD I made back then it’s somewhere?

I like the song There is love/ wedding song. My sister and my mother had that song at their weddings and When i get married i want it at mine.

I walked down the aisle while a pianist played Cat Stevens’ “Hard Headed Woman”. I’d heard the song and thought it was very pretty. No one in the church other than the groom, the musician, and I knew the name of the song being played. I am so very happy I used it!Other music used in the ceremony was more traditional–Ode to Joy, for example, but the song I remember the best is Cat’s gentle one.”And if I find a hard headed womanI know the rest of my life will be blessed.”(31 years later and my husband is still pleased with the song (though he has days of thinking he would have rather found a less stubborn woman!)

I am getting Married in October and we have no idea what songs to pick out. I really don’t listen to much music and he kind of does. So I really dont care but care enough that I want everyone to like the music.

I like classic music so I would play timeless symphonies Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Piano ConcertiLudwig van Beethoven – Symphonies

on my wedding day on august4th 1997the songs kevin and i played wereeverything ido ido it for you by bryan adams darlin by the backstreetboysi’llneverbreak your heart by the backstreetboysalready there lonestarfromthismoment on shania twainany man of mine shania twaineverybodybackstreet’s back backstreetboysnobody but you backstreetboyslets have party backstreetboys I will be here stevencurtis chapmango their with you stevencurtis chapmani will be here for you michael w smithyour still the one shania twain

our first dance was to “When you say nothing at all” by allison crouse. we also chose “The way you look tonight”- tony bennet, “At last”- celine dion “Color my world”- Chicago. lots of “old” romance.

I’m your Angel- Celine Dion & R. KellyWhen you say nothing at all- Ronan KeatingTake you just the way you are- Billy joel


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